Hire A Ghostwriter: #1 Easy Reason Online Marketers Should Do It

Hire A Ghostwriter: #1 Easy Reason Online Marketers Should Do It

If you are an online marketer the chances are pretty good that you’ll currently have a hundred and one things on your mind that need doing.  Is ‘hire a ghostwriter’ on that list too? Maybe… maybe not. We’ll learn more about that shortly. But first, how does this list compare to your own list?

  1. Create a new information product
  2. Buy a domain name for that product
  3. Set up the hosting
  4. Write the sales page to go with the product
  5. Figure out how to get traffic to the website for the product
  6. … and, hire a ghostwriter (of course) 🙂

Does all this sound familiar?  A single product launch does require you to do a lot of work, so just imagine what will be involved if you have several information products you would like to release. You’ll need to go through that same process for each one.

While you might have big plans for your business as an online marketer, delivering on all those ideas is going to be a challenge for you – one that demands a lot of your time.

This is why ghostwriters are in big demand among online marketers

Some people won’t even consider hiring a ghostwriter because they will have to part with some cash to do so.  Ghostwriting services – good ones anyway – don’t come cheap.  They never will if you are paying for a top quality service, which presumably you would want to do since you will be putting your name to the product they will produce for you.

It’s not as simple as making the decision to hire a ghostwriter. You need to make sure you hire the one that will be the best fit for you.

There are thousands of people out there offering ghostwriting services. Some are outstanding, some are great, and others, well… you get the idea. You’ll want to hire someone who is affordable and who produces the type of content you want to sell. That means someone whose first language is likely the same as yours, and who has experience in producing thousands of words of content for other clients – preferably over the space of several years.

In short, you want to hire a ghostwriter who is a professional and who understands what it is you need. The last thing you want is to hire a cheap ghostwriter who may or may not be contactable once you’ve paid the deposit.

But while the cost is an important point to think about, it doesn’t provide the whole picture

Would you hire a ghostwriter?Let’s revisit our information product example again.  Now if we assume you are a reasonable writer we could say that you might be able to produce two pages in an hour.  If you are aiming to write a book that is a hundred pages long, you’ve got a full fifty hours of writing ahead of you.  And that is assuming you don’t slow down or the ideas don’t dry up at some point partway through.

Most people find they can start writing quite easily thanks to the excitement that goes along with this process. Once that excitement wears off though… it becomes far harder to continue and complete the project. Even a 2,000-word short booklet or report can seem like an insurmountable challenge.

Unless, of course, you write for a living and regularly produce reports and content of this length and longer for clients all over the world. Much as I do 😉

Hmm – writing your own information product doesn’t sound quite as much fun now does it?

Let’s say you put a couple of hours work a day into this project.  If you could manage that you could expect to have it finished within three and a half weeks.

But it’s possible that if you hire a ghostwriter they could get the information product finished in a faster time than you could.  But the time here isn’t important – not really.  It’s certainly not the only consideration when you’re thinking about using ghostwriting services.

Let’s say a ghostwriter could write a book in the same length of time as you.  That gives you fifty hours to spend getting the domain name, setting up the hosting and starting to work out how you will promote the finished product.  In short, if you wrote it yourself you’d be looking to launch your book at a much later date.

If you hire a ghostwriter to do it for you then you’ll have money funnelling into your account much faster – and you could be looking ahead to your next information product as well. An online marketer is only as good as their most recent release, after all. You can’t dine out on that forever. Far better to start planning your next release, wouldn’t you say?

This is why expert ghostwriters are so popular and so highly sought after

They take on the task of writing on your behalf.  This enables you to focus on everything else that needs doing, safe in the knowledge that you’ll receive your finished book ready to sell sooner than you would have done otherwise.

You can see it is not just about the writing. You’re freeing up countless hours of time to do other things. Find the right ghostwriter – someone you can trust who has the skills you are looking for – and you could release more new information products in the time it takes your competitors to release just one. What would that do for your bottom line?

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