Time for #9 in my list of top ten subjects that I specialise in with my writing. I believe we all have a career that we’re meant to carve out for ourselves; it’s just a question of whether we take the time to find it or not. I love writing about this and about all aspects of career progression and associated areas.

I have written a book about this for a client in the past, as well as tackling other associated topics like resumes and how to write ones that really work. I think my favourite area is changing careers and starting in a brand new line of work. I don’t believe it’s impossible to have a complete change of career; in fact everyone I know who has made a major career change or been made redundant has always come out of it rather better off as a result. I’ve also tackled some regular blogging work for clients on this kind of subject before. So whether it’s blogs, articles or eBooks, I can handle most requirements that clients tend to have.

Well this is #9 in my series of ten specialist subjects so we’re nearing the end of this series now. But I do have another series of blog posts in mind that will be coming soon, so make sure you’ve subscribed to my RSS feed if you haven’t done so already. You won’t want to miss them!