After some thought I have added this as my seventh specialist subject. As I look back over the myriad of articles and blog posts I have written over the years, personal finance is definitely a common subject. Just to give you an idea of how far ranging this topic goes, here are some themes I have used for articles on personal finance:

  • budgeting
  • different vehicles for saving money
  • how not to go into the red (or live permanently in the red)
  • understanding the value of money
  • saving up for specific events
  • how to earn more money

…and so on. I could list lots more but I’m sure you get the idea. You could say I have combined two of my top subjects here on occasion, mixing together personal finance and self help. At any rate I have developed this into a specialist subject over the years, and while I have written for many clients in the UK I have also tackled financial topics for those living in the US and Canada.

So if you are looking for a ghost writer with experience in writing on this topic, contact me now. And subscribe to my RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss the last three specialist subjects I have to share with you!