Now this isn’t a specialist subject as such. But it is something I tackle a lot for various clients, and I do really enjoy writing them. Most clients have some kind of format they want me to follow, which is fine. Other clients are happy for me to structure the reviews however it works best.

I think the reason I like doing these is because you get to find out about all manner of different items. In fact I have been known to go out and buy a few items as a result of writing about them! Of course the best product review is always going to be about something you know, use or are familiar with yourself. But my clients often pass on materials, research and all the information I need to review an item, so all I have to do is to collate everything and write the finished review.

Most of the product reviews I have done have fallen into two categories. They are either for some kind of internet marketing product or a home appliance or similar item. I have yet to do a product review for an expensive sports car, but hey, if anyone has one they could lend me I’d be happy to review it for them. I’d need to see it and drive it first, of course…

Next time I’ll be sharing #7 on my list of specialist subjects – but what will it be?