There can’t be many of us left who haven’t heard of eBay. Most of us have some kind of experience with it too, whether that is as a buyer or a seller. I have both, since I run an eBay business with my business partner. You can find out more about it by visiting Shop Smoo.

As you can see from our feedback, we’ve got plenty of experience in selling on eBay as well as buying things from the site. Consequently I have been sought out to write articles, blog posts and eBooks on the subject of eBay. In fact someone got in touch with me a while back now – through our eBay shop – to ask if I would write for them! You never know where that next client is coming from!

So you can see that if you want experience and knowledge of eBay, rather than just picking any old writer who can do ten to fifteen minutes of research online, you need to hire a ghostwriter who can provide the personal touch as well as the knowledge. In short, you need to hire me. Get in touch now to find out more.

Next up in the series of specialist subjects I love, we’ll be looking at social media.