So here we are with number three on my hit list of topics I love to write about. Blogging has to be one of my top favourites, purely because I have been blogging on my own writers’ blog for a number of years now. You can read some of the content there by going to My Online Freelance Writing Life.

Not only do I love the process of blogging, I have learned a lot about it over recent years. I have written countless blog posts on all manner of topics for a variety of clients, but I have also written about the process of blogging from all kinds of angles. Here are just a few examples:

  • how to blog for beginners
  • how to blog for money
  • creating a product review blog
  • setting up a blog
  • promoting a blog
  • earning a lifetime passive income from your blog

I could give you plenty more examples of some of the angles I have taken for blog related articles in the past, but I’m sure you get the idea. In short, if you are looking to get some articles written on the topic of blogging, I’m your gal! I have also written for clients all over the world, taking in US English and UK English writing in the process, so don’t worry about getting the language just right. Even though I’m in the UK I am proud to say I have lots of happy clients in the US and Canada as well.

Since blogging has made my top ten specialist subjects it should go without saying that I have a real passion for the topic. This will come through in any article I write about it, so if you are looking for something that is ghostwritten that has a bit of verve and life to it, you know what to do. Click on the contact me link above (or follow this link!) to get in touch now.

My next specialist subject in this series will be… eBay. Find out why very soon!