Why do I love self help topics, books and articles? Simply because some of them can be exceptionally useful. You can learn a lot from them and take away some valuable lessons if you pay close attention to the information shared.

I love reading self help books of all kinds. If I turn around now and look away from my computer screen, I’m faced with a whole bookshelf of them. Some are related to writing, whereas others are more general in nature. I love them all and have read several of them more than once.

It is this history of reading books and magazines in this niche that has led me to enjoy writing about it for others as well. I’m passionate and excited about this topic, which is why I count it among one of my favourite specialist subjects. I can share my knowledge and breathe life into all the blog posts and articles I write on the subject. I’ve also tackled eBooks and reports on this topic for my clients. I love doing longer pieces like these because they enable me to go into a topic in more depth. In fact as I write this I am planning a book on a related topic for a client, for eventual publication on the Kindle platform. This will be under their name of course, since I work chiefly as a ghostwriter.

So if you need someone who really understands what self help topics are all about, get in touch now. There’s nothing I love more than applying this knowledge and reading experience to the articles I write for clients. If you need something inspirational you have arrived at your destination icon wink Top 10 Specialist Subjects #2: Self Help Topics . Now all you have to do is to let me know what you need. Simple, eh?

Stay tuned for the third post in this series, which is about blogging. If you need articles or blogs about any aspect of blogging, I’d be more than happy to help out. New post coming soon!