I had to include this one as my last specialist subject for my ghostwriting projects. There is a very good reason for this – it covers far more ground than you might think.

For example some people want articles on how to get started writing for online markets. This could include anything from writing for sites like Constant Content to setting up lenses to earn money on Squidoo. But it could also relate to blogging for dollars or even writing eBooks for cash. There is just no telling what jobs clients will come to me with.

Writing is of course my first love. I started writing when I was around six or seven at a guess, and as soon as I left school I started a writing course so I would know how to write for publication. That was before the internet came along, but I gradually honed my skills and was published in dozens of magazines before the internet age dawned.

Now I write almost exclusively for the internet, working for clients all over the world and contacting them quickly via email. It’s incredible how much the world of writing has changed – and in my opinion it has all been for the better too.

So this is the last in my series of top ten specialist subjects that I most enjoy writing about. Of course you can contact me with any kind of query or job request; if I can’t handle it I usually know someone who can! You can contact me now to find out if I can help you with your next project. Stay tuned to my blog because there are more entries coming soon!