A Title Capitalisation Tool Saves Time

A Title Capitalisation Tool Saves Time

Do you ever stop and wonder whether you’ve correctly capitalised a title? Even if you know the basics, it’s easy to stop and wonder whether a certain word should be capitalised or not. You know what would make life easier? A title capitalisation tool – possibly one of the best grammar tools you could use.

Capitalise all your titles in seconds

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There are plenty of handy grammar tools online today. You don’t need to download them – search for whatever you need, and you’ll likely find dozens of good results to choose from.

I found this title capitalization tool (spelled capitalization here, since it’s a US site) during a recent internet search. What can I say? I’m always looking for exciting writing tools to use. Wonder what that says about me?

Ahem… moving on.

We can all learn things, no matter how long we’ve been writing for. I’m always interested to read about or try new tools that might make life easier for me as a professional writer. I never knew I needed a title capitalisation tool until I tripped over it on one of my fascinating trawls through the internet. And then, there it was.

Title Capitalisation Tool example to check your grammar

Make title case easy with the grammar checker tool

This one is ideal. Just type in the sentence you want to put in title case, make sure the title case option is blue (as shown in the pic), and wait for the internet to work its magic. When the sentence turns green, it will be capitalised ready for use. You can then copy and paste it into your WordPress title field, your Word document, or wherever else you need to put it.

I use this in default mode, but you can see there are options for APA, Chicago, AP, and MLA too if required. The tool also provides sentence case, UPPER, lower, and first letter options. I love it when you get several writing tools rolled into one ?

Compact and simple to use

While the tool does do what it is supposed to, I also like the fact it is compact. You can see this from the image above. There is really no need for instructions – you just choose the options you need and click that green button. I sometimes feel as if developers trip over themselves to make things overly complex when there’s no need to. That’s not the (title) case here.

If I need to use Capitalize My Title, I keep it open in a pinned tab in my browser. That way, I know it’s there and I can simply switch between tabs to use it if I need to.

The ideal title capitalisation tool to help your writing flourish

Even the best writers have queries about grammar now and then. But this tool can be useful in other scenarios too.

I’m going back through some old posts on my blog, and I realised some of them didn’t have titles in title case. Sooo…. I wandered around online for a bit, found this title capitalisation tool, copied and pasted each lower-case title into it, and copied and pasted the capitalised version back to my website. Quick and easy with no mousing around or pressing the arrow keys to get to the letters that needed changing.

It made what could have been a boring and time-consuming job far easier. Since the title capitalisation tool did all the work for me, I didn’t need to worry about whether I had made any silly mistakes either. A double-whammy benefit for me that certainly made the job far speedier to complete.

Keep this one handy – you never know when you might need it. I’ll share other writing tools I come across on my travels too. Happy capitalising!

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