3 Secrets Hiding in Your Blog Archive

3 Secrets Hiding in Your Blog Archive

No matter what you write about, no matter how long you’ve been blogging, you can be sure your blog archive holds a few secrets. It’s easy to assume a blog post only has power when it’s shiny and new, but that’s not the case.

Blog posts keep on giving. They keep on bringing in visitors from the search engines. And they can keep on assisting you with your blogging too. The longer you’ve been blogging for, the more likely it is you will find some treasures in your archive. Yet even a new blog can hide a few treats for you to use if you are getting some traffic. Information leads to more information, and that can be used to help you figure out where to take your blog next.

Here are a few secrets that might be hidden in your blog archive. How many can you find? Better yet, what will you do with those secrets when you know how to find them?

1: Review your blog analytics to discover your most popular blog posts

hand writing analytics on screenYour blog archive is great at revealing the posts people are enjoying most. You might find two or three posts that are bringing in the most consistent traffic. Which search terms are people using to find those posts? Make a note of them and consider writing more posts around that same topic.

You can’t do this with a new blog, but it doesn’t take long (or much in the way of traffic) to start benefiting from your blog analytics. You could make it a weekly or monthly thing – checking your blog stats to figure out where your traffic is coming from and what your readers are enjoying most of all. It can help you strike out in the right direction in the coming months.

It just proves you don’t always need keyword research to give you the most important answers (although it still helps). Your blog archive could be hiding more secrets than you might think. Be sure you make this part of your plan of action for your blog. (You do have one, don’t you?)

2: Could you improve on old posts?

If you’re ever stuck for what to write about and your blog archive stretches back a few months or years, read some of your oldest posts for inspiration. Every blogger will go back over old ground. The trick is learning how to do it.

I often read old posts and a sentence will pop out at me. It might mention something I covered in passing – something that demands its own post. That’s all it can take to lead you to new content waiting to be published.

Another benefit of going over old posts is that you might encounter some that don’t stand up well anymore. Maybe they aren’t long enough. Maybe they’re not written as well as newer ones are. Don’t be afraid to go over them and beef them up a bit – edit and polish them. We all improve over time. Unless you’ve written something that is evergreen, you will run into content that isn’t accurate or timely anymore. Take the opportunity to change it, so readers can still benefit from it today.

3: Use old blog posts as the basis for a report, e-Book, or giveaway

hand holding books coming out of computer screenIt’s surprising how few bloggers do this. While people could read your blog archive to find out the secrets for themselves, very few will do so. Chances are your blog will include several categories, just as mine does. Could you bring together the best posts in the most popular category as a basis for a new e-Book?

Of course, you could.

You could use some parts of the blog posts verbatim. Conversely, you could use them as a base for the new report or book. There are many possibilities available when doing this.

Point is, all that rich content sitting in your blog archive has only been used once. Re-purposing, rewriting, and redeveloping that content will give you far more to share with your readers in the future. And you can share that content in lots more ways too.

Dive into your blog archive today. What will you find in yours?

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