Ever thought of adding news to your website?

Whatever you do online it pays to be relevant. One of the best ways to get your business website updated regularly is to focus on news that’s worth sharing with your audience.

A lot of business owners might be reading this and thinking something along the lines of, ‘hang on, I thought I was supposed to be getting a blog up and running?! I don’t have time for everything…’

Well no, you probably don’t. But the one thing you can do is take the time to hire a writer to provide the content for you – whether it’s for your blog or a news section of your website.

So what’s the deal with news anyway?

The great thing about news is there is always lots of it, and some of it will be relevant to your business. While I handle blogs, articles, press releases and eBooks for a variety of clients, I also provide regularly weekly news based articles for some of them too. In some cases they might provide me with a specific set of categories into which the news items should fall. In other cases I get one or two keywords and I need to find a news item that is related to one of those keywords.

I love this kind of writing because it’s just slightly different from what I normally do. It also gives me the ability to start a conversation with ‘Did you know…?’ at the dinner table whenever we go to friends or family for dinner! I’ve become a receptacle for all kinds of facts and figures and there seems to be no end to it either.

The main point I want to make is this. Google loves relevant and up to date content. Even if you only publish one 300 word news item per week, or maybe even two 250 word items, you have the opportunity to engage with people looking for the latest news in your sector. Once they find your website they’re more likely to explore it in more detail. This is particularly true if they find an interesting news item to read first.

Here’s an offer that might interest you

So consider it today. In fact, if you want to give it a go and you’re willing to try adding two 250 word news items to your website every week for a month, use my contact page to send me a message. Include the code NEWSDEAL in that message and I’ll give you the first month of news items at 50% off my normal rates. See how it works for you. This deal is only available with this code and there is no deadline. If you read this in four years time and you send me the message, I’ll still honour it. How’s that for a good deal?

In short, if you want and need relevant content, news items might just be the best way to get it.

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