The difference between bargain content and great value content

People use a lot of different words to describe content. This holds true when it comes to buying it as well. You hear terms such as ‘great value’, ‘good quality’, ‘great quality’, ‘well written’ and so on.

Unfortunately, some people think the term ‘bargain content’ is interchangeable with ‘great value content’. I don’t think it is. To me, a bargain is something that is low in price. It’s cheap, and while you might occasionally get a really good deal that is worth having, we all know that’s not the case for the most part.

On the other hand, great content is something that’s worth having. It’s great for a reason. It’s well written and provides good value for money. It isn’t as cheap as the bargain stuff but you wouldn’t expect to pay rock bottom prices and get content you’d be proud to put on your website.

In essence, it all comes down to what is more important to you. Do you value the quality of your website enough to invest in real worthwhile content to put on it, or are you happy to put anything on there so long as you don’t have to pay more than a pound or two for it?

It’s worth knowing that since Google made their many changes, websites featuring well written and engaging content fare much better than those with reams of average stuff you could read anywhere. I’ve heard of sites with tons of content they’ve paid pennies for over the years just dropping off the face of the earth. I’ve also noticed an increase in the number of clients approaching me who have been down this route and now want to get something better from a professional writer instead of focusing on the price.

I do understand the importance of sticking to a budget and wanting to get the most for your money, I really do. That’s part of the reason why I offer discounts if you order a batch of blog posts or articles instead of stipulating the same rate throughout. It’s just one more way you can make the most of the budget you have for content and still get reliable content to use and benefit from time and time again.

So with this in mind, what would you go for – a bargain or something that represents great value instead?

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