Speak out! Share your voice with your visitors

There are plenty of reasons why updating your website regularly is a smart thing to do. It’s a great way to promote your site for one thing. It also results in a better performance over time in the search engines.

But it’s more than that. Regular updates give you a chance to develop your voice. This gives you an opportunity to really engage with your audience. It can be tough letting your real voice out: it might take a while to find it, especially in written format. But so long as you try, you might be surprised at the results.

Of course you don’t have to provide your own voice if you don’t want to. It’s perfectly possible to know the tone you want to use to connect with your audience and to convey that tone to someone else who’ll write the content for you. Over time the voice is developed, you get what you want, your readers get what they want and everyone is happy. Probably most of all you, since you didn’t actually have to write anything 😉

Let me put it another way. How many business blogs do you suppose there are around today? Even if you limit it to blogs run by UK businesses instead of looking worldwide, you’re talking a pretty big number. Definitely thousands. Probably millions. Easily.

Now how many of those blogs do you suppose have the same kind of tone – dry, predictable and business-like? Definitely hundreds. Probably thousands (and probably a whole lot more).

The thing is you’re not likely to carry on reading content like that for very long if you’re not fully engaged with it. The blogs and websites you’re going to follow are going to be the ones that give you something back. They’re the ones that are worth reading – the ones you actually look forward to reading because you get something out of them. Maybe they’re just incredibly readable in themselves: there’s something about them that lacks in all the other ones you’ve read. Maybe it’s a little soul.

The point is, if you’re not pouring something of yourself into your content there’s not a lot of point sharing it in the first place. This applies to all content really. You have to let your passion, enthusiasm and excitement shine through. Not everyone can do that – not everyone has the time. But if you can’t do it yourself you can always hire someone to get the job done for you. It’s a great way to revitalise your entire business when you think about it. Try it and see what results you get.

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