Short and sweet or long and in depth?

One question that crops up from time to time concerning blog posts is how long they should be. Some clients like to know every post will be the same length. Some order posts that are a mere 200 words long, while others go for three times that amount. A few will order their posts by a number of words each month – 2,500 for example – and allow me to write various lengths of posts within that total amount.

In the end I think the topic of the post dictates how long it should be. If you have a simple thought to share via a post you may only need 150-200 words to do it in. However if you want to dive into a topic with pros, cons and many different points of view, you’ll want to have more room to work with.

So in answer to the question in the title, the answer could be both. It all depends on the individual situation. That’s why I welcome orders for single blog posts instead of requiring clients to order a set number of posts at a specific length. You know what you need and while I do offer discounts for bulk orders, there is nothing to say you have to make every post or article in that order the same length.

It’s worth thinking about, isn’t it?

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