Set goals to achieve more with your business blog

Most people start a new blog with a flurry of activity. That flurry soon slows to a trickle and it often dries up to nothing before too long. It’s understandable – especially when the blog concerned is a business blog.

Set goals to achieve more with your business blog

I admit it – I’ve been guilty of this in the past. It’s easy to get a blog up and running when you’ve got the enthusiasm to do so. It’s not so easy when that enthusiasm wears off and you’re left with lots of other things to do that all seem to be a lot more important than… what was it you were supposed to be doing? Oh, blogging, that’s right. I’ve literally done this in the past – I’ve had the best intentions of blogging and then before I knew it several weeks had gone by with no content. Life gets in the way, doesn’t it?

This year has been different though. I set a goal from January to write three posts a week on this blog, and apart from a few days when we were away for a short break I’ve hit that goal. Could you do the same with your business blog?

However busy your life might be at the moment, you could achieve this goal. It doesn’t have to be three times a week as I’m doing – it could be once a week or twice a week or five days a week if you prefer. You don’t have to write all these on your own; some people do because they love writing. Others hate it and hire a professional writer to tackle it for them. You might decide to write a few on your own and have someone else write the rest. It all depends on your outlook, your budget and how you want to approach the job.

The most important thing is to set a specific goal. Decide how many posts you want to write each and every week and write down that goal. This is the single most important part of goal setting. If you don’t write it down it won’t embed itself in your brain the way it should do. You can even write it on a card and stick it in front of your computer if you like. Whatever works.

The point is you will end up achieving far more with your blog – and with your business – if you set goals to make it happen. It’s worked for my blog and my business – it can work for yours as well. You just need to give it a shot.

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