Are you searching for a UK writer for hire?

While I do work for clients in other countries (mostly the US, although I have worked for people in Australia and various European countries as well), most of my clients are in the UK.

If you are based in the UK and you need a writer, there are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to find a UK writer for hire:

  • Their rates will be in British pounds
  • They write using British English
  • They have an understanding of how business is done in the UK

… and lots more besides.

I’m based in Kent (the Garden of England) and I work full time as a writer. This isn’t something I do when I’m not working at my ‘real job’. I’ve always wanted to write and I just love the process of putting words together and seeing them appear on the page.

So if you want to hire someone who is a professional writer and not just a hobbyist, not to mention someone who is in the UK, get in touch with me now. I’d love to see how I can help you create content for your business.

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