Reliability is priceless

Reliability is something we should all treasure. It’s good to know you can rely on certain things in your life – they provide stability just when you need it most.

This applies just as much with professional writing services you may be thinking of using as it does with everything else. I’m pleased to say I have clients who have been with me for several years now. I hope this is because I provide a competitively priced service they can rely on to provide good content on time every time.

I know it’s tempting to hire cheap writers from other countries who can work for a much lower wage. But do you really get what you need from them? I’ve come across plenty of people who say they’ve hired someone cheap from a bidding site or elsewhere online, only to find their content didn’t turn up on time. On some occasions the content did arrive but written in broken English, and in the worst cases it didn’t turn up at all. None of these outcomes is great for the client, and if you’ve ever been in this situation before you’ll know it gives you even more work to do.

One of the things I pride myself on is my reliability. When I give a completion and delivery date for a piece of work I stick to it. Generally I send it early, but it will always be on time at the latest.

Here’s an example. I write a weekly blog for one client that I generally send on a Monday morning. I know he is used to opening up his emails and seeing it there before midday. Last week I was running a bit behind and I knew I wouldn’t be sending it until about 2pm. So I sent him a quick email letting him know he’d still get the article that day, just a little later than usual. He came straight back thanking me for letting him know.

I probably saved him a little worry there. We’ve been working together for a few months but I didn’t want him to wonder where his blog post was. For the sake of a quick email I set his mind at rest and yes, he did get his post by 2pm as promised.

I suppose the question is this – do you want a writer you can rely on to this degree? If you do, get in touch by contacting me now.

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