Regular Blogging Increases the Odds of Finding Customers, Stats Say

Regular Blogging Increases the Odds of Finding Customers, Stats Say

Hubspot’s State of Inbound 2018 report is chock full of fascinating statistics – often about the perks of regular blogging. Here’s one that’s worth sharing:


57% of marketers publishing just one blog post a month have secured a client from those efforts. That increases to 82% for marketers who blog daily.


Now, blogging daily is a tall order. Even if you assumed daily meant Monday to Friday with weekends off, that’s five fresh blog posts per week. Quality is important here too. You don’t want to publish between five and seven posts weekly that aren’t very good. That will have a negative effect on your business – the exact opposite of what you want to achieve.

The idea is to go for quality over quantity. To me, this is far more important. Remember, regular blogging can mean publishing one new blog post every week. Just one. It could also mean publishing one new blog post once a month, maybe on the 15th. Or on the 27th. You decide. They are all examples of regular blogging.

While statistics do confirm you have better odds of gaining more customers the more often you post, you can see that even those publishing once a month are getting good results. If you committed to publishing one long, in-depth blog post every month, I would hazard a guess you would find a regular audience for such posts. People would come to expect it. People would learn that you didn’t publish that often, but when you do, you give them an impressive, in-depth, and appealing post to read.


The power of regular blogging

regular blogging increases your chances of finding customersThe stats don’t lie. Even if you don’t publish daily, publishing more than once a month clearly has a positive effect on your chances of getting more customers. If you blog daily, you’ll have an 82% chance of securing a customer from those efforts. Maybe more than one. That drops to a 57% chance if you only post once a month.

Chances are you’ll fall somewhere between those figures. I’m publishing posts between one and three times per week now. It’s certainly having a positive effect on my site and the results I’m getting.

That said, you should remember publishing once a month is better than not publishing at all. Don’t compare yourself to the competition and feel you must publish as often as they are. It is always better to set your own course. Plan to publish five days a week when you know this is going to be too much and you’ll fail. Fail to keep up and you’ll stop publishing altogether. Start small. Start with that one post per month if you need to. But stick with it. Remember the statistics mentioned above. You will get the chance to build an audience even if that is all you can manage.


The verdict?

Here’s the takeaway – the more often you post, the more chance you’ve got of securing a client (or several) from your blogging efforts. Find a frequency that suits you and stick to it. And hey, if you need help meeting your blogging targets, get in touch today.

One final point. More clients than ever before are coming to me asking me to write much longer articles and blog posts for their sites. Gone are the days of 300-word articles (sometimes shorter – now that is a challenge). These are the days of articles reaching 1,000 words or even 2,000 words and more… and they show no signs of stopping. It is far better to publish one long 1,000-2,000-word article per month than to publish lots of 300-word articles.

That is the takeaway from the current battle to reach the top of the search engines. Quality has always been important. However, today, regular blogging that brings success comes in the guise of much longer articles and posts than ever before.

If you need help, get in touch.

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