The reader always rules over and above SEO

SEO isn’t the same as it used to be since Google started releasing their menagerie of animals (think penguins and pandas and you’re on the right track). Personally I love tigers so where was the Google Tiger update? That sounds cool doesn’t it?

Anyway, animals aside, the rules around what you could and shouldn’t do, and what Google would like to see and what they frown on, all changed.

Then again, did they really?

As a writer, I get all kinds of orders and requests from clients. Some love SEO articles, each one based around a different keyword. Others have always much preferred a real mix of pieces, some longer than others, but all focusing on the end reader rather than primarily on SEO.

Maybe it got a bit too easy to pick keywords in the hope of drawing people to websites. Maybe some people forgot that this is only half of the process. You want to get traffic certainly – and you want to make sure the traffic comes to you via relevant keywords. But in most cases I find I write with keywords anyway – even when I’m not told to. I just focus on doing it more naturally.

Let’s say you ask me to write an article about the Grand Slams in tennis for example. If you were going to provide keywords you’d probably name all four individual Slams and maybe a few key players too. I don’t know about you though – I’d find it pretty hard to write on that topic without mentioning the Slams anyway. If I’m writing for a reader, I simply wouldn’t focus on mentioning each one a set number of times (or following whatever other suggestions the client has given me).

The real key to having a successful website and getting traffic via content is to focus on two important elements:

  • Getting people to find your content by using relevant words and phrases incorporated naturally in the flow of the text
  • Giving people what they want when they get there

In reality, pure SEO content is great but it doesn’t give the readers what they’re looking for. All it does is bring people in. If they don’t enjoy the reading experience they’re likely never to come back.

That’s why it’s worth thinking about hiring a professional writer who understands this. You need someone who understands the value of connecting with your readers. Don’t you think this is by far the best approach to whatever Google animals might pop out in the future too?

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