Quick ‘n’ Easy Writing Tip: If You Throw Enough Mud…

Quick ‘n’ Easy Writing Tip: If You Throw Enough Mud…

Throw Enough Mud and Some Will StickSome of it will stick. It’s the same with blog posts. I’m not saying you should churn out substandard posts ASAP. Far from it. But being regular with your posts has some advantages:

  • Your site will grow
  • You’ll get more pages indexed by the search engines
  • Each page is a new doorway through which visitors will arrive
  • More content means more to read
  • More to read means people will stick around for longer
  • The longer they stay, the more likely it is they will sign up for your newsletter or buy your product
  • The more they enjoy, the more motivated they’ll be to share what they find with others
  • Your audience will grow as your site grows

… and on it goes.

Create a publishing schedule. Stick to it. You’ll soon see results if your content is engaging, useful, readable, and worthwhile.

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