Quick ‘n’ Easy Writing Tip: A blog post is like a piece of string

How long should a blog post be? As long as a piece of string… and no one knows how long that should be either. Tying some string around that aching tooth and tying the other end to a door handle requires something short enough to get the job done. A blog post focusing on a single point should be just as short (but not as painful to write).

Epic garden or epic post?

Laying down a length of string to mark out a new garden border requires something far longer. Maybe even a ball (lucky you, if your garden is that big). A blog post covering the top 37 ways to use your product or service needs to be far longer too.

This post has one task – to show you there’s no such thing as the ideal length. Get in, say what you need to say, and take your leave. If you start with a clear topic, you can’t go wrong on length. Well, you can, but no one would read it.

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