How to prevent your to do list from overwhelming you

Do you ever find your to do list seems impossibly long? Do you even have a to do list?

Don’t get me wrong – it’s good to have a list. However, you need to know how much – or little – you should put on it each day. It’s easy to assume everything you put on it will take the same length of time, but we all know that’s not often the case. If one thing on your to do list is going to take you all day, that’s the only thing that should be on there.

I sometimes think outsourcing was invented to conquer the to do list. There are probably a zillion reasons why outsourcing was invented to be honest, but it certainly helps when your list is getting longer and you don’t seem to be able to get through it with any regularity.

There are also jobs you probably hate doing that will stress you out and constantly jeer at you. You know the kind of thing – they always get put at the bottom of the list because you hate doing them, even though you know they’re vital to do. And because you push them to the bottom of the list every day, you end up putting them back on the bottom of the list for the subsequent day as well. Don’t you just hate those jobs?

This is where outsourcing comes in. The internet has made light work of finding virtual assistants, photographers, writers and all manner of other workers who are ready and waiting to help you out. The people you need will depend on the nature of your business, but it’s good to know they’re there and ready to help you get that to do list down to size.

If you haven’t tried this method yet, maybe it’s time to consider how it could transform your list.

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