Make press releases a regular part of your marketing plan

What’s that? You don’t have a marketing plan? Marketing is something every business should do, but it helps if you have a proper plan to provide guidance as you go along. If you do have one you are far more likely to do more to market your business.

One of the things you can – and should – do is to issue regular press releases. A press release is newsworthy – it says something about your business that’s new. It could be the launch of your new website. It could be the addition of a new blog to your site. It could be a new product. Maybe your business premises are staying open an hour later each day. You get the idea.

It doesn’t matter what the subject of your press release is as long as it’s newsworthy. This will determine whether it is noticed and gets picked up by other sources.

Some of my clients order the odd press release every now and then depending on when they have something they want to announce. Others order one every month. These clients make sure they think ahead and provide me with a topic for a press release each month, on time, every time.

If your marketing budget doesn’t currently include an investment in a press release every month, perhaps now is a good time to make sure it does. I’ve written press releases for sofa companies, professional trainers, a company selling lawn mowers, and plenty of others that don’t immediately come to mind. If you need a writer experienced in writing a good press release, send me a message now and let’s see how to turn your next piece of news into a real announcement.

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