If you get in touch with me regarding my writing services, you’ll find I price my content according to the number of words it contains. Now most clients ask for a certain number of posts or articles per week of a certain length. But this doesn’t always hit the mark.

One client got in touch back in October last year and asked if he could order a set number of words each month rather than a specific number of blog posts. This was fine by me – we agreed on a price and ever since I’ve made sure he gets that number of words every month over a series of assorted posts. It means I can write shorter 200 to 250 word posts when it suits the topic, and longer 500 to 600 word posts (for example) when the need arises.

If this sounds appealing and you have a budget for a set number of words each month, get in touch. I can just as easily schedule in work of this nature as I can specific posts or articles.

Just a thought!