From one blog post to thousands of words…

No two writing jobs are ever the same from my point of view. ProbablyFrom one blog post to thousands of words... that holds true for you as well. I’ve worked for clients who only ever needed the odd article or two here and there, and I’ve had clients who ordered thousands of words of content every single month.

The point is everyone is different. I’ve known people who sent me 15 or 20 articles to do with every email they forwarded to me. Then there have been others who are happy to set a huge job for me to do with a deadline a few months ahead of time, so I can plan the work into my schedule and send along a few completed articles or posts or chapters as and when they are finished. Others send just a post or two whenever the need arises. As you can see, no two clients ever fit into the same mould.

That’s why I haven’t designed my site with buy now buttons like you’ll see on some other writing sites. You see, I’m an individual and I’m pretty sure you are too. That means the best way forward is for you to let me know what you need and for me to provide it. Who’s to say how long a blog post should be? It all depends on the topic. I’ve written long ones and I’ve written some that are literally 150-200 words long and that’s it. You just never know what a topic will deserve or require, and that’s why you won’t find buy now buttons.

So if you’re wondering whether I’m the writer you need to help you complete a job or create that content for your website, the contact page is all you need to get started. I check my emails regularly during the day and I’ve got a smart phone too so even on a day off I’ll normally reply if I see an email has come in. The point is, you’ll never have to wait long for the answer you’re looking for.

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