How Would You Like to Spend 0% on Advertising Your Business?

That’s quite a statement isn’t it? And according to a post on Kissmetrics blog, this is the actual amount – precisely nothing at all – Copyblogger spends on its advertising. They’re capable of bringing in millions of dollars worth of sales each and every year, so they clearly know a thing or two about how to attract customers without advertising for them.

How Would You Like to Spend 0% on Advertising Your Business?

They do this through content, but it’s more than that – they do it by sharing valuable, worthwhile and usable content with their readers. A lot of businesses have realised this is a worthwhile tactic to try, but few have achieved the heady heights Copyblogger has.

But let’s move away from them for a moment and think about you. What percentage of your annual budget do you spend on advertising your business? You may be sitting there feeling guilty you’ve never actually spent anything on advertising at all. However you’re not getting the same results as Copyblogger. Maybe you do spend a significant percentage of your profits on advertising but the returns on that investment are poor.

You may never achieve the same heights Copyblogger has, but there’s no harm aiming for them. The one thing you need to do is to provide value to your target audience. Don’t think about selling – think about providing your audience with information they’ll want to act on. There are ways to do this in every business. If you’re a plumber, provide information on how to stop a dripping tap. If you sell kitchen baking goods, provide some tasty recipes to try. (Lakeland in particular does this really well. I love their email newsletters and I tend to keep half of them. I tend to shop in there quite a lot as well – coincidence? I wonder.)

You get the idea. Regular, engaging, readable and worthwhile content is definitely the way to go. If you need help with the content, it’s easy enough to find at an affordable price. And when you consider you could save a fortune on advertising with a well thought out and long running blogging and content plan, you’ll see how you can make some great returns on this investment too.

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