The most observant among you will notice I haven’t added any blog posts to this site for quite a while. The good news is it’s because I’ve been incredibly busy with clients. That’s great as it’s allowed me to work with a lot of really nice people in all kinds of businesses. But it’s pulled me away from updating this site – and I have some plans that will be coming to fruition in the near future.

These plans are focused on YOU, dear reader. I’m just starting work on a FREE report you’ll be able to sign up for, to help you make your business more successful. If you grab this report and sign up for my forthcoming mailing list, you’ll be well positioned to take advantage of all kinds of great offers on content I’ve got waiting in the wings. Think real content too, not ‘articles’ and ‘blogs’ that are scraped from other sites and barely pass Copyscape (if in fact they do at all) and certainly not content written by non-English speaking writers or (shudder) put through a software program. Everything is written by me, which is why I give all my clients a delivery date when we agree on work. I never say I’ll deliver in 48 hours unless I know I can, unlike some sites. Ask yourself this: would you rather have good content delivered when it is completed to a high standard, or bad content delivered fast?

Thought so. So hang fire, bookmark this page and make sure you’re back for your free report coming soon.