What I learned about outsourcing (and how it could help you too)

How often do you outsource tasks to others? Some people think purely in terms of finances when they consider outsourcing. This applies to everything from hiring a blogger to hiring a cleaner. How much will that cleaner cost per hour? How much will you pay a blogger to write some posts for you? You get the idea.

But really, this is the wrong way to look at it. You need to think of outsourcing in terms of time, too. Let’s apply this logic to grocery shopping. Plenty of us get our groceries delivered nowadays. I do, too. I never used to, though. I used to think it was better to save money and go shopping myself. That would save money on the delivery pass I’d need to buy if I got my groceries delivered every week, or on the delivery charges I’d pay without a pass.

But then I started begrudging the amount of time grocery shopping would take out of my day off. By the time I get there, wander around trying to avoid all the tasty bits they put at the ends of the aisles, find what I need, queue up, pay, and get home again, that’s a good hour, hour and a half gone out of the day. And honestly, I’ll often spend more in the store because I’m more tempted by the deals they’ve got.

Time vs cost: The power of outsourcing

While cost is part of the equation when we think about anything we need to get done, it is only one part. In the grocery example, it’s easy to see how spending money on that delivery pass frees up some more time I can put to better use doing other things. I can trust others to do my grocery shopping for me, so I can get on with things I can’t easily hire others to do. It also means I’m free to do things I want to do… things I love doing.

When you think about it like this, you can see how powerful outsourcing is. Yes, it means you’ve got to find someone reliable to handle whatever it is you want to get done. But once you’ve found that person or service, you can reap the benefits.

How much is your time worth per hour?

If you still can’t get past the idea of spending money to get these benefits, think of it like this. How much is your time worth? Since I work from home, I can get my shopping delivered during the week. There’s no sense in buying an expensive delivery pass that allows for delivery any day, any time, because I can be here to take delivery whenever it works best for me. So, I got a cheaper midweek delivery pass, saving over 50% on the normal one. That means the cost of a weekly delivery is pennies. And since all I need to do is get the shopping in and put away – just as I would if I went myself – I’m paying a small sum to get back an hour or two of that day.

Start thinking of how you value your time. Are there ways you can make more of it by outsourcing tasks to others? If so, what could you do with that free time to make more of your life?

Plenty of clients outsource their articles and blog posts to me, so it works both ways. Just as I hire others to help me in certain ways, so others hire me to help them. Would that work for you too?

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