Do keywords matter anymore?

Google has made many changes in their quest to refine and enhance their search results. Since then, many people have been asking whether keywords are still an important part of the mix when creating content.

Depending on which sites you visit, you’ll get a range of different ideas and answers to this question (not to mention many other relevant ones on the same topic). The one thing we do know for sure is that Google loves original content. They always have, but now it is more important than ever. They still don’t like keyword stuffing, but many people believe the whole idea of keywords is now passé.

It’s easy to sit on the fence on this one. Personally I think quality content has, is and always will be THE most important thing. But in terms of keywords we can perhaps relax the rules a little.

Here’s the thing – if you write content on a particular subject, you’re going to add keywords to it without even trying. Let’s say for example your website is focused on garden sheds (just a random topic, mainly inspired by the fact that mine needs a good clear out and I didn’t get round to doing it this weekend!). You want an article on garden shed storage – ways you can keep everything neat and tidy instead of throwing things in randomly and shutting the door fast before it all falls out.

You could try writing an article on this topic without using any keywords but I guarantee you it’d be impossible. You’d have to include words like shed, storage, garden and all kinds of others as well otherwise the article wouldn’t make sense.

In truth the best way to approach keywords nowadays is not to insert them a specific number of times in an article, or in specific places. The best way is to use them naturally in a well written article that is written for a specific audience. When you publish it the audience will be able to find it via those well chosen words, but you won’t get penalised by Google for using them too often. This applies to any and all subjects and not just sheds.

So in answer to the question in the title: yes, keywords absolutely do matter. However you shouldn’t focus on those so much you forget the reason you’re writing in the first place – or the audience you’re aiming for.

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