Understanding Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Understanding Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

If you are keen on promoting your website, you should know about inbound marketing vs outbound marketing. Both can help you find prospects, but they work in different ways.

Nowadays, the consensus is that inbound marketing is the more powerful of the two. We know more people than ever before go online to research products and services before making the decision to buy. We also know people hate being sold to. You don’t need a statistic to know that – I hate it, you hate it, we all hate it. The hard sell is more likely to send me running in the opposite direction than anything else.

But it still pays to know the difference between these two forms of marketing. If you know how each one works, you can make more powerful decisions on which forms of marketing to use in your business.


Inbound marketing refers to prospects that come to you

inbound marketing techniquesThe most common – and popular – method for employing inbound marketing techniques is to publish blog posts on your site.

If you are aware of SEO techniques and you target appropriate keywords, you can publish regular posts designed to help you find your audience. Or more properly, for your audience to find you.


Outbound marketing refers to prospects you go out and find

outbound marketing techniquesWhen was the last time you received a cold call? That’s an example of outbound marketing. Here are some more:

  • Advertising
  • Press releases
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising

These are examples of marketing techniques that require you to go out and find your audience. You might think blogging amounts to the same thing. It does… but inbound marketing methods are organic rather than relying on hitting people with adverts and promotions. That’s the difference.


Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing – which one’s easier?

Picture yourself in a shopping centre. You’ve closed your shop and you’re out looking for customers. You’re standing there wearing a sandwich board promoting your business. You’ve got an armful of leaflets that do the same thing. You’re walking up to everyone who looks like they might be a prospect. Maybe you sell motorised shopping trolleys (hey, maybe they’re a thing, who knows?), so you go up to everyone with a regular trolley and try to talk to them about your business.

That’s outbound marketing. You’re reaching out to your prospects.

Now, picture yourself back at your shop, with a nice display of your trolleys in the window. You’ve got notices in the window promoting the key advantages of your superb motorised trolleys. People look in the window. If they’re interested in what they see, they’ll come in.

That’s inbound marketing. Your prospects are coming to you. You’ve provided information and they’ve found it. They’ve decided to find out more. It’s easier to achieve that outbound marketing… once you’ve done the necessary work to encourage people to come to you.

say hi and hire a blogger todayOf course, things are a bit different online. The idea is much the same underneath though. The shop is your website. Instead of going out and hitting people with ads and emails, you’re inviting them to come to you. You’re making your website appealing. You’re adding blog posts and content they will be interested in reading – content designed to bring in your ideal customer.

I’ll be delving into inbound marketing – blogging in particular – in future blog posts. Until then, if you need some help with your own blog, send me a message and say hi today. Chances are I can write some quality blog posts to help boost your business today and long into the future too. After all, blog posts are the gift that keeps giving, especially when it comes to your inbound marketing efforts.

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