How to Write Content That Will Pull in Visitors for Years to Come

How to Write Content That Will Pull in Visitors for Years to Come

Is your small business blog getting enough traffic? Are you writing posts that enjoy a quick spike in traffic and then disappear into the ether? If so, you’re about to learn how to write content your visitors will love.

How To Write Evergreen ContentYou could write newsworthy stuff your visitors will enjoy today but won’t be interested in tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be better to discover how to write content that bring in traffic today, tomorrow, and for years to come? You can do just that if you write evergreen content.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content refers to information that never ages. These are good examples of evergreen content:

  • How to open a bank account
  • How to declutter your home
  • How to be happy
  • How to get stains out of your clothes

Every day, people are looking for information on these topics. Which topics are relevant to your business? What information will people look for that might lead them to your site?

How to write content that is evergreen

Here are a few examples of how people might write content for their audience:

  • Website designer – how to create your own website
  • Self-help book publisher – how to be happy, start your own business, gain self-confidence…
  • Insurance broker – how to save money on your insurance

Add some good-quality evergreen articles to your site today and reap the rewards for years to come.

I hope you liked this Quick ‘n’ Easy Writing Tip, designed to help you get more from your business blog. There are plenty more tips to read too, such as my posts about avoiding the blogging tumbleweeds and how blog posts are just like string. And if you want something longer to get your teeth into, try my post about 5 types of content you should add to your blog (with examples).

If you need content for your own blog and you want to hire a writer, I’m your gal. From short posts to long and everything in between, I’m here to help. Send me a message today and let me know what you need. It’s that simple.

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