Why hire a blogger when you can write your own blog posts?

Good question! And I’m going to give you the answer. Now I know you’re thinking ‘well she’s a professional blogger so she obviously wants to write them because she gets paid for them’. Yes, fair enough that IS a good reply. But it’s not the only reason I decided to write a blog post with that title.

The main reason is that time and experience are not on your side. How long does it take you to write the average blog post? How pleasing is it by the time you’ve finished? Does it say what you want it to say? Does it get the job done?

I’ve come across lots of bloggers who love their sites but simply don’t have the time to maintain them. They know they could earn more money from them if only they had regular content added to them, because they’d improve their positioning in the search engines as a result. They know they could hire a blogger but they don’t because it will cost them money.

But here’s the thing – how much money is it costing them to let their blog drift along with no fresh content on it? Without fresh and well written blog posts being added on a regular basis, they’re letting their blogs die on the vine. Are you guilty of this too?

The crazy thing is that once a blog owner decides to hire a blogger to write their posts for them – even if it’s only one or two a week – they realise what a good investment it really is. A professional blogger (like myself) knows how to write a solid and engaging blog post. I know how to add keywords in just the right places to get the best effect. I know how to be conversational and how to focus on an audience of one, instead of trying to appeal to everyone. It provides that personal feel that you and I have in this very blog post you’re reading now.

The thing is you don’t have to commit to a huge slew of blog posts in one hit if you don’t want to. Try one and see. You might even decide to write one post yourself every couple of weeks, and I’ll write the other ones in between. Whatever works for you.

You are in control of your blog – unless of course you neglect it. If you really want to earn money from it, attract new business or achieve any other goal, you have to hire a blogger to get that ball rolling. Contact me now and see just how fast your blog could improve as a result.

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