Good, fast and cheap – which two would you pick?

Are you familiar with the adage referred to in the above title? You’ll certainly know the phrase “you can’t have it all.” The thinking behind this saying is that it’s impossible to have all three elements because as soon as you try adding the third one or both of the others will start to suffer.

In the world of writing you often sacrifice good writing if you want it done fast and cheap. Cheap prices don’t hire you the best writers. And if you want something quickly you may have to accept you will pay more for the privilege. You may also find the piece is far less polished than it should be.

I’ve found different clients have different ideas about what means most to them. Some say, “Take your time. Quality is far more important than speed.” Others ask how soon I can deliver the goods. Some are clearly looking for prices in the range of a dollar per article and go elsewhere to get them.

Hopefully I can always handle the good part for all my clients. Fast is dependent on workload, although the most important thing is to deliver something worthwhile and not something that has been written in a hurry. As for cheap, well I’m not the cheapest writer you will find – but then I think the phrase ‘cheap writer’ is a contradiction in terms. A real writer, a professional, will never be cheap. They will however be of much higher quality than those who merely see it as a way to make money.

So which of these three would you pick?

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