Ghostwriter rates: how much should you pay?

I came across an article this morning in the Digital Journal that delved into the topic of writing fees. It was a fascinating read and it presented a convincing argument for why clients should avoid the cheapest writers like the plague.

My ghostwriter rates are not the highest in the business, but they are certainly not the lowest either. Far from it. It makes me smile and shake my head every time I come across an ad looking for writers that goes something like this: “Top quality writers only need apply. Rates are $1 per 500 words.”

Now that is a contradiction in terms right there. No top quality writers would charge or accept anything like $1 per 500 words. But there are plenty of clients who want to get something for almost nothing – and they want to get top quality work for it too.

As anyone who has ever hired more than one ghostwriter will know, you get what you pay for. If you want an English speaking writer, you have to hire one from an English speaking country. You also have to be prepared to pay for good quality. I’ve had plenty of testimonials from happy clients who are delighted with the work I have provided them with. I certainly don’t charge $1 per 500 words – I’d be out of work if I did. But I charge reasonable and fair ghostwriter rates in accordance with the quality I produce.

There is a lesson here both for writers and for clients. Writers should stop accepting ridiculous rates like those given above. And clients should realise that they will never get access to quality ghostwriters by offering these rates. It’s also worth remembering that the work produced will reflect on your website or business. So isn’t it time to invest in better results for the future and hire a ghostwriter who understands just how important those results can be?

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  1. I absolutely agree. I’ve written about this too on my website –

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