Image courtesy of Rammag

Including mine 😉 That’s why my site was in maintenance mode for most of the weekend. Sometimes it’s worth giving up a weekend off to focus on your own goals, don’t you think? I actually really enjoyed getting the work done – it was long overdue but my client workload was too heavy to give me time to make the necessary changes. Fortunately I had a little spare time at the end of the month before the next month’s work kicks off, so I decided to put it to good use.

If you’ve visited my website before you’ve probably noticed a few changes. The site is now more streamlined with a new header and yes, a picture of little old me as well. This led to a revamp of my profiles on the social media websites I belong to – Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Do feel free to connect with me on one or all of those. I started finding one change in one area of my website led to a list of changes that needed to be made elsewhere too. Isn’t it always the way? The journey was exciting though and I thoroughly enjoyed it (got me out of doing the housework too).

I’ve got a few more changes coming up soon as well. I’m currently planning a free report that I’ll make available to everyone who visits my website, so watch out for that shortly. The plan is nearly complete so I’ll start writing it soon. I’m hoping to shoehorn it in this week, at least to get the intro and section headings written so I can start fleshing it out.

If you’re thinking about offering your visitors a free report but you don’t feel confident to write it on your own, get in touch with me today. I’ve written reports for various businesses to give away. Maybe I can write yours too.