Every website home page needs refreshing now and again

I’m not talking about refreshing it in your browser. I’m talking about refreshing it in the eyes of your target audience in their browsers. The home page of a website is a lot like a supermarket. Think about your local supermarket – the one you go to a lot. You know where everything is so most of the time you just go in, breeze through to the sections you need, pick up what you want and head to the checkouts.

Every website home page needs refreshing now and againUntil the day you discover they’ve moved everything around. Suddenly everything has changed. You have to actively look for the items you want – you can’t do it on autopilot any more. And that means you are a lot more likely to notice other things as well – things you would have breezed right past before, when you knew the familiar layout.

Familiar is great in some circumstances, but it isn’t always good for business. If you have a regular audience visiting your website and you haven’t changed things in a while, perhaps you should consider revamping your home page. It could just mean altering the layout and trying something new. It might mean rewriting the content there and providing a new take on your site. Maybe you’ll point out new features or just try a couple of new menu options. Maybe you’ll consider a complete re-design. There are lots of options you could go for here.

Your home page won’t always be the page your visitors see first. However it is the front window of your site and it should change from time to time to freshen things up. New visitors won’t know when the page was last changed because it will be new to them. But people who visit a lot will see when things change and it will serve to keep them interested.

You can also experiment a little with your home page. I’ve done that this month by introducing a new deal on mine for new clients. It won’t stay there forever but for the moment it serves a purpose and provides an engaging way to draw in new visitors – which is particularly appropriate in this case.  What could you do with yours?

Take a look at your home page now and consider the message it sends. Is it strong enough? Is it relatively new or has that same page been there for several years without any changes?

If you’re considering revamping your website (or you simply want to look over it) there is no better place to start than the beginning – right there on your home page.

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  1. Yep, agree with all this. Keeping your site fresh and new helps alot.

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