One essential trick to help you hire a blogger who can get the job done

Is that a trick headline? No. If you want to hire a blogger to provide blog posts on a regular basis for your business blog, it’s not enough to hire the first blogger you come across. While you can take your pick from a range of different bloggers, there is no guarantee that the one you choose will be the best one for the job.

So, if you want to hire a blogger you can rely on for great content, here’s how to do it. Or rather, here is one thing you shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t hire your blogger on the grounds of price and price alone. I am amazed at the number of job ads I see where people are looking to find a blogger who will work for ridiculously low prices. Some of these people want nothing but the best work in return for paying peanuts. Others just want content and don’t seem to care about the quality (or lack of it).

But if you want your blog to stand out, do better in the search engines and attract the kinds of visitors or customers you want to find, you must make sure you hire the right blogger to provide quality content. Getting blog entries for a dollar apiece is not a bargain. It’s commercial suicide. You’re not going to get quality for that price. You’ll pay your money and get something dreadful in return. And that blog post is going to represent you and your business.

So the trick is to stop thinking about price and think about the nature of the product you want to invest in. If you want to hire a blogger who knows how to represent your business in the strongest possible light, you have to pay a bit more to get a good service. Most of us know this; we know we have to invest more money to get something of real quality. Writing is no different.

And the good news is you can test the waters with a blogger who charges a bit more for their services. Ask them to produce a single blog post and see whether you like it or not. If not you’ve only invested in the one blog, rather than paying for an entire batch of them. But if you do like it you’ve got a contact who is capable of enhancing and building your blog into a real business tool for the future.

Business blogging is important. If you hire a blogger to help you with it, you might get better results than you ever thought possible.

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