Don’t use cheap spun articles – not if you value the quality of your website

We all spot bargains now and then and some of them turn out to be good buys. This doesn’t apply to them all, however.

This is just as true in the world of writing as it is elsewhere (like your local pound shop for example). I remember getting caught out once when I spotted what looked like a good deal on batteries. Only thing was, they lasted all of ten minutes before wearing out (and not in a high drain item like a camera either). This meant I had the frustration of yet again going out to buy batteries and the annoyance of having been caught out by a false bargain in the first place.

The same can apply to cheap writing. Yes, you can find lots of writers who offer their words at prices vastly cheaper than mine. But are the two commodities the same?

I’ve had clients come to me before who have previously gone down the bargain route and hired someone to write something for a dollar or two. Seems like a real bargain, doesn’t it? The only problem was (or should I say problems) the writing wasn’t really writing at all. It was usually written by someone who maybe had English as their second or third language, but it certainly wasn’t their first one.

That was the first problem. The second problem was there were occasions when the writing didn’t even arrive in the first place. You see when you hire someone who charges incredibly cheap rates (the kind of rates that make you question whether you are reading them properly in the first place) they don’t tend to value their work much either. A writer with confidence in their abilities and the confidence to recognise how much their abilities are worth will be someone you can really value when you are developing your business.

In short, you want to know that when you place an order for content – be it blog posts, articles or anything else – you can rely on it to be delivered on time and on budget… every time. I’ve had plenty of clients tell me the headaches that often come with hiring a dollar an article people (I’m not even going to call them writers) are more hassle than the deal was worth.

As the title of this piece suggests, cheap deals can also deliver spun articles. You don’t even get anything original or well written for your pains. The moral of the story is this – if you want good solid writing you can be confident to add to your website without having to spend ages changing it, you need to be prepared to invest a little more. The good news is the investment is always worth the end result.

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