Creating a free report to boost your mailing list signups

You may remember the last post I wrote was about the importance of sending helpful emails to your mailing list. If you missed it you can read it again here.

Of course before you can start doing that you need to have some names on your mailing list to actually send emails to. One of the best, time honoured and proven ways to do this is to offer people something free of charge. A free report is one of the best things to give away because the information contained in it can have a high perceived value. Furthermore people can download it instantly, which is almost guaranteed to have them signing up to your mailing list if you offer something worthwhile.

The problem is a lot of business people don’t have the time to sit down and write such a report. Even if they do, many of them can’t think of what to write, much less get those ideas down on paper in the best possible way.

I’ve spoken before on this blog about the blogs and articles I write for clients. I’ve no doubt mentioned press releases as well. But I don’t think I have ever mentioned these types of reports. I’ve written them for clients in several fields, so if you are considering offering this kind of freebie as a sweetener for your mailing list, get in touch now. Regardless of whether you want a short report or something longer (even an eBook) to give away, I can help. Contact me today for more information and let me know what you need.

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