Could Your Target Market Give You Some Ideas for Blog Posts?

Could Your Target Market Give You Some Ideas for Blog Posts?

target marketAnswer – yes, absolutely. Every blog should have a target market. If you know who you are writing for, you’ll find it easier to come up with post ideas they’ll want to read. Now, we’ll assume you’ve already identified your target audience. How can you generate ideas from that audience?

Here are several ways you can do it.



Ask your target market

ask your readers for blog post ideasObvious, I know. But worth it – especially if you’ve already got a responsive audience.

If you regularly get lots of blog comments or engage with people on social media, ask them which posts they would most like to see from you. There might be some surprises in there – posts you’d never previously have thought of.



Read your blog comments

read your blog commentsSometimes people will mention things that spark new ideas.

If it’s related to your topic, there’s no reason why you cannot use an inspired comment to help you write a new blog post.



Use customer questions and queries

questions and queriesUse your blog to provide answers to common questions.

If people know you tend to do this, your blog will become more attractive to them. They may delve into it when they may not otherwise have done so.



Explore your most successful posts in more depth

most successful blog postsYour readers will tell you which posts are most successful. They’ll leave comments and ask questions. Your traffic to those posts will be higher. See if you can find new angles and topics related to those popular posts that would equally appeal to your target market.

The more you can appeal to your target market, the more successful your blog will be. Use these techniques to help you appeal to them in the best possible way – with their help.

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