Connect with your customers and you’ll boost your sales

If you own or run a business, chances are you focus on sales. It’s understandable. Regardless of whether you’re selling a product or a service you’re focusing on sales. They drive your business and generate profits.

However it’s not always ideal to focus solely on sales. You should have one eye on them of course, but it also makes good sense to connect with your customers. These are the people who generate your sales. If you can connect with them on a regular basis you might be surprised at the results.

Generating useful and engaging content

Online, the process of connecting happens through content. It could be via a tweet on Twitter, a post on your blog (you do have one, don’t you?) or maybe an entry on your Facebook page. There are lots of different types of content and lots of ways of presenting them to people.

It should go without saying that a professional business website should have a blog as an essential part of it. Either that or you can have a standalone blog and link it to your website (and vice versa) so it’s easy to find. Both methods are better than not having a blog at all.

Speaking from experience

Let me digress for a moment. Have you ever met builders who live in houses that are only half renovated? How about plumbers with dripping taps and half finished bathrooms? It’s that old chestnut about being so busy helping others you don’t have the time to use your skills to your own advantage.

It’s been the same with me over the past year. I had – and still have – plans to develop this blog and add fresh content on a regular basis. When I started adding posts a while back I got an influx of enquiries from potential clients. Enough of those potential clients turned into actual clients and I was kept busy for a long time. I’m pleased to say many are still regular clients today, and I love doing business with them.

But this meant I slackened off when it came to writing my own blog posts. I always prioritise my client work so I ensure it gets done on time (and ideally ahead of time) – every time. Sometimes by the end of the day I don’t have anything left ‘in the tank’ to write my own posts.

So one of my resolutions for 2014 was to start adding regular content to my site to see what happened. January tends to be a slower month – I usually take two weeks off over the festive season because everyone else seems to and no one is ordering any content. (I’m not complaining ;))

I started off a few days ago making some simple tweaks and edits to the front page of my site. Almost immediately I saw an upswing in the number of enquiries I was getting. It just goes to show how updating old content can really freshen up the results you can get.

Getting connected

The whole idea is to connect more regularly with my audience because I know what the advantages are. I can see them almost immediately. This alone should help me improve and enhance my writing business throughout 2014 – and hopefully more potential clients will find my site and consider enquiring about ghostwritten content as well.

The point is regular contact with your customers – and potential customers – works. It might seem as though you are taking your eyes off the ball in not focusing solely on sales and providing content for them instead. However this isn’t actually the case. Think of it as a different way of getting those sales.

Even though we are all familiar with using the internet and shopping online has fairly exploded in popularity, there is still a need to gain trust. A website with little content that does nothing except vie for sales won’t be trusted as much as a website with lots of practical and useful content that is worth reading. You can see that over time, people will gain trust in your website and think of buying from you whenever they need something you provide. If you connect with them regularly, you can start reaping the long term rewards of doing so.

And of course, if you need help in creating or maintaining your business blog, you can get in touch with me today to discuss your needs.

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