Cheap prices do not equate to good value

My better half and I have an eBay business that runs alongside my writing. We work out of the same office and we’ve done so for several years now.

But when we first started with eBay we made the mistake lots of people do when it comes to starting out in business. We looked at the prices other people were charging for the items we were selling and we priced ours lower. It was a dead cert method for selling more… or so we thought. We actually ended up selling barely one or two things.

This led us to check our listings and we decided to increase our prices in line with everyone else. It worked – we started selling and we’ve never looked back.

I thought about this earlier this week in relation to my writing too. At the beginning of my career, it was tempting to price my services as low as possible. But as you’ve probably already noticed there are lots of writers out there offering the cheapest possible prices. The race to the bottom is still alive and kicking in the world of writing content.

Fortunately, I don’t reside there anymore. Not only is it not a good place to be if you value your skills and you want to be sure of making an actual living, but it’s also not the place to meet great clients. You see, just as clients want to work with good writers, it works the other way around as well. A good client who is pleasant and friendly to work with is a great person to have around. It goes both ways.

It’s been a while since I came up from the bottom to see what the view was like higher up. It turns out the view – not to mention the many people I have started working with – is a lot better up here. In case you are wondering, my rates are not the highest you will find among professional writers. I believe in offering a good service at a reasonable price. Yes, I do still get people asking for the impossible – good quality writing at a dollar per article – but they soon slink off to the bidding sites. I’m happy to say those that do value their business and the content they use to promote it are many and varied, and I look forward to working with more great clients in the future.

Maybe you’ll be one of them.

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