Can You Build Brand Awareness for Your Business via Articles?

Can You Build Brand Awareness for Your Business via Articles?

Build brand awareness through articlesAccording to information about brand awareness from Website Builder, “70% of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads.” (You can see the whole infographic here if you want to learn more. It’s well worth a look.)

Think about that for a moment. When people discover a company or business they haven’t seen before, they begin to learn about it. This is the beginning of brand awareness. If the information they learn is worthwhile, they may go on to buy from that company. They may not buy now, but the brand awareness is there. The next time they encounter that business they’ll recall what they read previously. There’s some familiarity there already. A relationship has begun.

Brand awareness, business blogs… and your target audience

I’ve bought things before on the strength of an advert. But let’s be honest – ads are there to sell. Articles are there to share information. See the difference? If you can develop brand awareness via your business blog, you’re developing a relationship with your audience. People are more likely to trust you. You have shown you are willing to share useful information with them via your website. You’re not requesting money. You’re simply providing info they can use if they wish. No strings attached.

Just think. 70% of people become aware of your business via articles rather than adverts. Given that fact, it’s not a case of whether you should be writing articles. It’s a case of whether you can afford not to.

Have you built brand awareness yet?

There is a saying, ‘Build it and they will come.’ If you build a useful and informative website packed with information your target audience can use, they’ll come. When they do, they may end up buying from you. That’s the power of brand awareness and how vital it is to your website.

If you want to explore the potential of developing brand awareness through articles added to your website, contact me now. I can help you discover the best ideas for articles your audience is searching for. There’s information your audience wants to read. Do you want to raise awareness of your product or service? Provide them with the information they desire and it will begin to happen.

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