Quick ‘n’ easy writing tip: Can you step into your reader’s shoes?

Not literally – figuratively. If you want to sell tools to DIY enthusiasts, your blog posts shouldn’t focus on the tools. They should show the DIYer how much easier it will be to put up those shelves, take apart that decrepit shed, or install a new kitchen once they’ve bought your hammer, your drill, or your electric screwdriver.

Be creative

Figure out why your target audience would want your product or service. What makes your hammer drill, your accounting services, your bespoke millinery service better than any other?

You know your product/service is good. You’ve worked hard to make sure it delivers the best benefits to everyone who buys it. By stepping into your reader’s steel toe-capped work boots, high heels, hiking boots, or slippers – whatever applies – you’ll see those benefits more clearly than ever. And they will guide you towards the results you’re looking for.

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