Building Your Community

Did you know you had a community? You could have if you took the steps necessary to build one around your business.

You can build a community in lots of ways. You can join social media sites to engage with people there. I’m on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ and probably one day I might even join Facebook. The jury is still out on that one 😉

It’s also possible to build a community right there on your website though. If you have a blog, you’re in an even better position. This is the ideal method for building interest in your business and engaging with people. Providing you enable comments you can let people weigh in on the discussion.

But let’s get one thing straight. You don’t need to have people commenting on your blog posts to engage with them. I know I’ve read plenty of blogs in the past that I’ve really enjoyed – so much so I keep up to date with them and gone back to see what else they’ve had to say. I’ve signed up for mailing lists on the strength of the information on that blog (not to mention the freebie offered). Stay tuned for my free report coming soon – you’ll see it on the home page when it becomes available.

Community means different things to different people. You certainly don’t need to meet and greet everyone in your community to benefit from making one in the first place. You simply have to be able to get their attention and maintain it. If you can do that you’ll be surprised how much your business will grow and develop over time.

Think about it. The results are there to be attained whenever you want to grab them.

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