Boost These 3 Things by Adding an Online Blog to Your Website

Boost These 3 Things by Adding an Online Blog to Your Website

idea booster for your online blogAn online blog is good for business. No, hang on – it’s great for business.

I’ve been looking at online blogging statistics recently and it is amazing how many figures pop out at you.

Warning – these stats might come as a shock. They did to me (albeit a pleasant one).



An online blog for your business is only part of the deal (but it’s a big part)

Let’s be clear – you can boost your business in plenty of ways just by including an online blog as part of your marketing efforts. This qualifies as inbound marketing – something I’ve written about before. But I discovered a superb infographic on TechClient recently that included tons of eye-opening stats, including the ones that follow.

According to their infographic, websites with a blog can benefit from the following:

  • Inbound links increase by 97%
  • Indexed pages increase by 434% (!)
  • Indexed links increase by 97%

Those are just three stats that demonstrate how powerful an online blog can be. Really, if you don’t yet have one, there’s never been a better time to begin than now.


The more you write for your website, the better it gets

Blogging is the gift that keeps on giving, too. The more posts you write, the more content you’re publishing. The more content you’ve got, the more there is to be indexed and found by others. You can see how the figures given above make sense, can’t you?

Put simply, if your business doesn’t yet have its own online blog, now is the time to change that. Ask me how I can help you create content for your online blog today.

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