Achieve 3 Great Things by Adding an Online Blog to Your Site

Achieve 3 Great Things by Adding an Online Blog to Your Site

An online blog is good for business. No, hang on – it’s great for business.

I’ve been looking at online blogging statistics recently and it is amazing how many figures pop out at you.

Warning – these stats might come as a shock. They did to me (albeit a pleasant one).

Once you’ve read through them, let them sink in for a bit. Then apply those figures to your website. Think about how you might take advantage of the incredible effects an online blog can deliver for your business.

It doesn’t matter what you do either. You could be running an affiliate site, a personal blog, a professional site selling services or goods… whatever it is, that blog could make a huge difference to the traffic you receive. It could well affect how successful your site is too.


An online blog for your business is only part of the deal (but it’s a big part)

Let’s be clear – you can boost your business in plenty of ways just by including an online blog as part of your marketing efforts. This qualifies as inbound marketing – something I’ve written about before. But I discovered a superb infographic on TechClient recently that included tons of eye-opening stats, including the ones that follow.

According to their infographic, websites with a blog can benefit from the following:

  • Inbound links increase by 97%
  • Indexed pages increase by 434% (!)
  • Indexed links increase by 97%

Those are just three stats that demonstrate how powerful an online blog can be. Really, if you don’t yet have one, there’s never been a better time to begin than now.


What are inbound links anyway?

graphic showing link building for online blog or siteInbound links are ones that point to your website from other sources. They are valuable providing they come from trusted sources. They are hyperlinked, enabling a reader to click on the text to visit the website connected to that text. Research indicates that sites with a blog tend to have more inbound links, which in turns helps them rank higher in the search engines and gain more traffic.


What are indexed pages and why are more of them better for your site?

Indexed pages are ones that are listed in Google (or another search engine) and can show up when someone searches for a page on that topic. Providing Google crawls your site often enough, it will see new pages and posts and index them for you. So… publish more posts and you’ll get more indexed posts and pages too. One leads to the other if everything is working as it should.


The more you write for your website, the better it gets

Blogging is the gift that keeps on giving, too. The more posts you write, the more content you’re publishing. The more content you’ve got, the more there is to be indexed and found by others. You can see how the figures given above make sense, can’t you?

I’ve heard some people refer to blogging as a numbers game. It is. A site with 100 posts on it for people to find via the search engines is like a massive building with 100 doors you can use to go inside. A site with just one post only has one door – one way for readers to find it and read what you’ve written. Each of the posts you add to your blog is another doorway. Not all posts are going to be successful, go viral, or garner hundreds or thousands of readers. Yet if one or two of them do, you’re opening more doors for people to find you through.

The more posts you write (or get someone else to write for you), the more likely it is one or more of them are going to reach the audience you’re looking for.

Put simply, if your business doesn’t yet have its own online blog, now is the time to change that. Ask me how I can help you create content for your online blog today.

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