Blogging as an individual – not as a business

Most businesses that have a blog use it as a means of attracting more potential customers to their site. It seems odd then to say you should blog as an individual rather than as the face of your business.

When you look into this in a little more depth though, you’ll see it’s a logical approach. Having a blog gives you the chance to connect with people in a way you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve. Take the blog you’re reading now. It gives me the chance to share news on various topics and to write posts about my business in a way that will hopefully help you. You’ll also get to know more about me and what I do, and that helps to break down barriers between us if you decide to get in touch.

It can be too easy to focus on your readers as customers (or potential customers). However, if you think about the type of content that will help them – information they’ll find useful – and post it regularly, you’ll be surprised how well your blog will develop.

I read somewhere once that if you provide value to people, the income you seek will eventually come your way. It has to. It’s all to do with the laws of the universe apparently. Now that may or may not seem reasonable to you, but it makes sense to me that providing a worthwhile service (even via blog posts your audience doesn’t pay for) attracts attention. They’ll come to like your updates and they’ll come back more often to read more. They know you always provide them with good quality information and advice. And when they are ready to buy something from a business like yours, the chances are very good indeed that they’ll remember you.

If you already have a blog take a fresh look at it today. Are you blogging as an individual or is it merely the face of your business? Making sure it’s the former could transform your level of business success.

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