Blog Once or Twice a Month to Boost Your Online Business Presence

Blog Once or Twice a Month to Boost Your Online Business Presence

Write Blog Posts to Boost Your Online Business PresenceAre you overwhelmed by blogging? Lots of business people are. Unless you’re a natural writer, writing content for your business blog is always going to be a chore. It may never be something you enjoy. Yet it is a powerful way to boost your online business presence.

I read something interesting recently I wanted to share with you. According to InsideView, companies that only post once or twice each month enjoy 67% more sales opportunities compared to businesses that don’t blog at all.

Just think about that. If you don’t have a blog, and you decide you’re going to publish one new post each month – just one – you could end up giving yourself two thirds more sales opportunities than you currently have. You don’t need to continually blog to enhance your online business presence. It helps, but if you find it too overwhelming, one or two posts per month will still make a difference.

What would more enquiries mean for your business?

If you get nine enquiries per week, that would increase to 15 enquiries. Sell to 150 people a month, and that one new blog post will give you the chance to increase that number to 250.

That’s the power of just one blog post per month.

Something to think about, isn’t it?

Just imagine what you could achieve if you published one new blog post per week. Stats show the results get even better. People will come to know your publishing schedule too. That means your audience will grow – providing you give them the content they want to read. It’s a great – and proven – way to build your online business presence.

Do you need help to build your online business presence?

Of course, if you hate writing or don’t have the time, you can outsource your blog posts to me. Blogging has been proven time and again to enhance your online business presence. It’s worked for me and thousands of others. Let me help you make it work for your business too. Contact me today and say hi. Tell me what you’d like to achieve with your small business blog. Let’s make it happen.

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