Beginner Blogging: 5 Easy Ways to Find Ideas

Beginner Blogging: 5 Easy Ways to Find Ideas

Beginner blogging ideas can be hard to come by, but there are some ways that could inspire some suggestions. (Quick tip – keep a notepad or blank document handy. Once the ideas start flowing, you’ll want to be able to keep up.)

If you have ever sat down, ready to write a new post for your blog, only to come up short on ideas, you’ll want to read this post. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood to write, feeling inspired, and ready to go. If you don’t have any solid blogging ideas to work with, that blank page will stay blank.

I’ve put together five ways you can find more beginner blogging ideas than you’ll know what to do with.

1: be inspired by your blog’s audience

The best blogging ideas for beginners tend to come from your audience. If you’ve just set up your blog and you haven’t yet got an audience, visit other blogs of a similar kind. If you do this, you can see how those sites appeal to their audiences.

This is a crucial source of inspiration that can get you started. Always keep your audience in mind as you write – even if you haven’t reached out to them yet.

2: writing regular posts helps beginner blogging efforts

I know, I know – how can this give you ideas? It just means you need more ideas to start with. True. But here’s the thing. The more you work at finding blogging ideas, the easier it becomes to find them.

Think of your brain as a muscle. The more you make it work to find ideas, the stronger it gets. You’ll soon find you start seeing ideas everywhere – hence the notebook.

3: look at your blog topic from new angles

Chances are your topic has already been written about in every conceivable way. However, there are ways to adopt a fresh approach to a familiar topic. Try looking at it from different angles. Could you appeal to a portion of your audience rather than everyone at once?

Think about applying a popular topic to your own topic and see what happens. For example, I write about blogging and writing on this site. So, I could think about other unrelated yet popular topics such as budgeting or going on holiday. No links there to blogging, right?

Well… yes, there are links. I could write a post about budgeting to buy powerful content. Or I could write a post about planning ahead before you go on holiday, to make sure your blog will still have fresh content published on it while you’re not around.

Get the idea?

4: mine your most popular blog posts for new ideas

 graphic showing beginner blogging on a computer screenThere are always tangents you can go off on. I find I get lots of new ideas for blog posts every time I write a new one. I may get ideas that are linked to the post topic I’m writing about, and yet don’t fit in the piece I’m writing. So, I make a list. Some of those ideas may never be used – but you can bet lots of them will.

If you haven’t got a list like that to start with, go through your blog archive. Which posts were popular with readers? Which ones received the most comments? Which ones inspire you now? When you start reading through them, you’ll find all kinds of new ideas start sparking away.

5: new to blogging? Read what you want to write about

I realise the fourth idea above is only going to work if you’ve been blogging for a while and you’ve got content you can go back through. What do you do if you’re still in the beginner blogging phase?

Let’s assume you’re setting up your blog and you’re getting ready to write your first few posts to add to your new site. The trick here is to read as much as you can about your chosen topic. It could be clothing for dogs; it could be politics; it could be trading antique coins. Whatever it is, you probably already have a few blogs, websites, and news outlets you follow for the latest on your topic. Use those sites for inspiration. Don’t copy anything – make sure you take an idea and turn it into a unique post for your own site, with your own spin on it.

Beginner blogging is tough, but it does get easier. Look at everything you write as experience. If you need help, plan your content and ask a writer to help you produce it. This doesn’t take away the need to plan your early blogging ideas and efforts carefully though.

Bonus sixth tip: Ask someone else to generate your blog ideas for you

Idea generation concept graphicLet’s face it, generating ideas isn’t easy. Blogging ideas for beginners can be easier to find in some topics than in others. Maybe you love writing, but you hate coming up with the ideas.

That’s one of the reasons why I’ve created an ideas-only service. If it’s just ideas you want, get in touch. Tell me your topic, how many blog post ideas you’d like, and any other relevant information, and we’ll go from there. While most people do want to order blog posts, it doesn’t need to be all or nothing. Maybe this will work better for you instead.

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